Food Additive Carbon Dioxide


Product Name: Food Additive Carbon Dioxide
Executive Standards: GB1886.228-2016
Packaging: Low temperature storage tank and tanker
Storage: Tank cylinders for storge and transportation of liquid carbon dioxide should be pressure vessels and conform to the requirement of
Main Usage: Mainly used for carbonated beverages, and can also be used for food processing, food preservation and storage, etc.

Food Additive Carbon Dioxide Quality Standard
Color / Colorless in gas state
Odor / Slightly acid and no other odor
Taste / Tasteless
Carbon Dioxide % ≥99.9
Water μL/L ≤20
Oxygen μL/L ≤30
Oil mg/kg ≤5
Residue on Evaporation mg/kg ≤10
Nitric Oxide μL/L ≤2.5
Nitric Dioxide μL/L ≤2.5
Sulfur Dioxide μL/L ≤1.0
Total Sulfur (excluding Sulfur Dioxide, as Sulfur) μL/L ≤0.1
Total Hydrocarbon (as Methane) μL/L ≤50(not more than 20 for Non-Methane)
Benzene μL/L ≤0.02
Methanol μL/L ≤10
Acetaldehyde μL/L ≤0.2
Chloroethylene μL/L ≤0.3
Ammonia μL/L ≤2.5