Talent Philosophy


Talent Philosophy : Culture to Cohesion Personnel, Training to Educate Personnel, Mechanism to Urge Personnel, Career to Keep Personnel.


Talents are the first productivity and the first resources for science development. Ensign’s understanding to talents is: Morality and attitude come first. Ensign continually creates and improves the enterprise culture, strives to construct excellent culture atmosphere, staff can feel a strong sense of belonging and identity under this culture. The company also recruit excellent talents and gather staff’s strength through this excellent enterprise culture.


In order to improve staff’s comprehensive qualities, Ensign wholeheartedly provides staff various exercise, study and training opportunities to help them improve professional ability and the acknowledge of values, life and career views.


Ensign devotes itself to building an impartial talents incentive mechanism through the scientific, reasonable and appropriate management system, and takes the principle of promoting talents, replacing ordinaries and demoting mediocrities to arouse staff’s enthusiasm and initiative to work.


Ensign would like to provide lager development space and more development opportunities to employees who want and have the ability to develop through the construction of talent team mechanism; Ensign is willing to offer staff a stage to display their ability and realize their dream and integrate staff’s career pursuit into company’s vision to improve their loyalty to company.