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Appraising meeting of scientific and technological achievements & inspection meeting of “National Science-technology Support Plan” project was held successfully


On the afternoon of June23, appraising meeting of anaerobic fermentation treatment technology achievements which was finished by Ensign Industry and Beijing Technology and Business University was held in the 1st meeting room of Ensign Industry successfully.

On the morning of June24,inspection meeting of “National Science-technology Support Plan” project was held successfully in Changle, Weifang, and Ensign Industry, as the participant who undertook and finished the project together with Tsinghua University, Beijing Technology and Business University, and Shandong Polytechnic University, etc. attended this meeting. By onsite checking, reading written materials, listening report and debriefing discussion, experts committee agreed that anaerobic fermentation treatment new technology has achieved international advance level and inspection was approvedsuccessfully, which fully showed strength of Ensign Industry Co., Ltd. in citric acid industry meanwhile accumulated abundant experience for major scientific and technological project at national, ministerial and provincial-level in future.




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